I needed freedom in my life, I had to get that, knew that when I got it, that I also had to gift that.” - ALäZ

— Kun Fya Kun


I Belong to God

Vinson ALäZ Muhammad is a servant and the founder and executive director of the Coollab Project. He is an award-winning recording artist, writer, producer, composer, educator, and speaker that has completed 8 recording projects, 3 national tours, and performed internationally in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Born in a house in Macon, GA, He is a graduate of Morehouse College and The 1500 Sound Academy with credits that include collaborations with artists from Roc Nation, Dreamville, and RCA Records along with brands like the NFL, Disney, and the Harlem Globetrotters. ALäZ is also the Lead Hip Hop Songwriting Coach for the Otis Redding Foundation and the Executive Producer of the Real Talk Hip Hop Summit in Macon, GA.

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