From the recording KUN FYA KUN


Language of the gods that’s a cheat code
Different level, elevated from the beast mode
All Praise on my praying to the east mode
Soldier in the ranks, but I still know the street code
Places that we came from, we can’t forget that
Know we going back and that’s to give back
Look, I needed freedom in my life I had to get that
Knew that when I got it, that I also had to gift that
So now I’m present wit presents
Collected lessons from Port Au Prince to days at Progressive up on a Pleasant
Hill that needed healing they make it seem like we peasants
But really Black presence is the biggest blessing
Worldwide that’s a big fact, love being 6 lack
Call us accidentals on the keys but we meant that
I need luxury, money, good homes, and friendships
Kun Faya Kun takin’ of on a space ship

Said I’m Feelin’ like I’m Pac before the shots in a black BMW
Bullet proof when they open fire it ain’t touchin’ you
BIG in a green armored GMC
No RIP, just TMC for NIP
Malcolm in the Ballroom wit brothers on post
Checking weapons at the front who was ready for the smoke
Martin on the balcony, surrounded by a detail
Anytime he moving in the open, watchin’ details
I believe in God not a spook
Unless he by the door gettin’ knowledge for the troops
Unify the blocks every gang call a truce
Death to Willie Lynch chop the tree, cut the noose
We gon’ buy this land, work the soil, bear fruits
Soldiers in fatigues, leather jackets, black suits
Army rockin’ chucks, air forces, black boots
One God, One aim, connected by these black roots