1. Graduation

From the recording ALäZ- Graduation

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I can’t wait for graduation
I been waiting, I been patient
I can’t wait for graduation
Tonight a celebration

Top of the class yeah we been that
Trophy on the wall had to win that
We the truth, yeah that’s word to the pastor
They gon’ have to put my jersey in the rafters
Said I put in the work I put in the time
They put me to they test, gave me every kind
Ran my race, now I’m standing at the finish line

Said I been working, I been waiting
Nip said hard work and dedication
Said I can’t wait for graduation
And tonight my celebration

Today my graduation
I been working, I been waiting
Hard work and dedication
And tonight a celebration

Cold summers turned to gold summers
Make a purchase, keep the change, give em whole numbers
We turn to diamonds under pressure, we don’t fold under
That’s just the wheels that’s on the planes we left them roads under
30,000 in the sky, we up a salary
View outside my window look like something out a gallery
Don’t wear a cross up on my neck, don’t need the fashion piece
It’s on my shoulder, hold it like that man from Galilee
My brothers solid, we soldiers that move like Calvaries
Sisters built like Angela Davis, Tamika Mallorys
I fell in love with the mission said will you marry me
The vow was speakin’ life to the dead that’s til the death me
Pray for my people, we fightin’ demons and losin’ battles
For context we a people, they stole and sold as chattel
So when I see us, I love us with Love, kind and patient
And work to see our graduation