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In the Name of the One Love, I say praise God
That’s Hallelujah, Alhumdulillah 
Rasta man say Jah, them Hebrews they say Yahweh
Some folk, they say Jehovah, Some folk, they say Namaste
In the Name of the One Love, I say praise God
That’s Hallelujah, Alhumdulillah
Now some folk gon’ say yay, other folk gon’ say nay
Aye, I respect you so respect me and just let me pray
I’m workin’ on my five times, like I lost my watch I gotta find time
At times we can lose our mind, ‘caught up in the grind, I know I had to find mine
Now look, I don’t know your life, but I do know mine so I can speak on that
Lessons learned in my life, I put ‘em on the mic like 23 in red and white
My flag fly red and white, ain’t killin’ we healin’ with the truth, bringing’ dead to life
‘Cause that’s what the truth do, I was lost in the darkness, but now I done seen the light
So don’t bring me the hype, bring me the heaven, not when I die, now when I’m livin'
Righteousness is not a ritual, it’s the spiritual, that’s beyond a religion
I used to pray a whole lot, but had a whole lot missin’
Had a whole in my soul, ‘cause I talked to God, but I never would listen
I had to find my Faith, more than Words in a book
It’s the Life I live, it’s the Love I give in the verse and the hook
Because God is Love, so it’s Love I share
Spread Love to the whole universe, e’ry verse, that’s my prayer
That’s my prayer, that’s my prayer
Spread Love to the whole universe, that’s my prayer