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Nguzo Saba
By Allah's Apprentice

And when it drop, we make the planet rock
That's word to Bambatta

We got that Nguzo Saba, We got that Nguzo Saba

Ain't got no time for haters poppin' off that's word to Obama

We got that Nguzo Saba, We got that Nguzo Saba

We Black and Proud raisin' black fists, that's word to Assata

We got that Nguzo Saba, We got that Nguzo Saba

Umoja, Kujichagulia, that Ujima, Ujamaa

We got that Nguzo Saba, We got that Nguzo Saba

What if all the sides got unified
Told that man that we was sick and tired

Of the killin', the prison's the schools that miseducate and teach self hate

And say we ain't gon' take that, then we take back
Our mind so our people don't hate Black

Show 'em great Blacks that did great acts
And how we great even though we gettin' aimed at

So when they bring that to where we stay at, it's a different story on the news

'Cause the wrong been winnin' to long and my people too strong they gon' learn how to lose

Cause see you can take one, but can't take us all

Can't take it if we don't shop with ya'll

We the best any game, any kind of ball
But let's see what happen when we don't play for ya'll

Ya'll work for us and that's real, we don't play they don't pay

Could've bought a negro for 9 million back in the day, but we say no way

Cause see it ain't nothin' like knowing your worth

My people we predate the earth 

Call us aboriginals, we like minerals to real so the fake don't work

We puttin' in work till we make that known

Plant a seed when it get full grown
It could make the world a better place
A place full of love, we could all call home

Livin' in this wonderland like the Wiz
Sometimes we could lose our way

But if we keep the FAITH we can make it home, let the people say Àse