Spoken Funk

Cupcake Theatre, 11020 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

If you haven't heard, Spoken Funk is BACK! We are celebrating Juren's (Poetri's wife) 40th Burfday! (Yes, I know how to spell BURFDAY!) THURSDAY, JULY 6th is now FUNKDAFIED! THIS IS A ONE TIME SHOW! You miss this show...you're sure to be mad with yourself! Come out and celebrate those days when Spoken Funk brought Comedy and Poetry to a whole new level. Remember that? I suggest you hop on over to Spokenfunk.com and pick up your tickets. Tickets are going like crazy and we haven't even officially made the announcement, yet. THIS SHOW IS GOING TO SELL OUT! There is no doubt about that...I just want to make sure that YOU (yes YOU) get a seat. More info is on www.Spokenfunk.com!